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Becoming an artist I wish to start a series of articles to young circus artists, newly graduated from the most prestigious higher circus schools, whom I had the chance to support very early in their youth, and to follow throughout their training, until their professionalization. To see them bloom, evolve and come true is for me an enriching source of

Confinement, highlight on my "Self Lines" Two months ago confinement brutally stops humans. A parenthesis opens for me with full of questions around time and values. Take the time, finalize current projects: a new site, and outcome of ideas : a YouTube channel, sort, organize, reflect and meditate on the meaning that artistic creation will take tomorrow. => A

Aerial Dance exhibition Aerial Dance exhibition Realized by Fred Deb', from Drapés Aériens, and the non profit les Rencontres de Danse Aérienne, in partnership with Musique et Danse 44.  Reflections on Aerial Dance during confinement March 25th, we understand that the confinement will last for a few more weeks. A mixture of feelings that are jostling in our heads, our hearts, our bodies!

Vœux du Maire 8 janvier 2020 J’ai eu l’immense honneur de recevoir la médaille de la ville par Mr le Maire David Samzun le 8 janvier dernier, devant un Théâtre rempli de représentants de la communauté de commune de la Carene, et de citoyens venus assister à la cérémonie des vœux de la ville de Saint-Nazaire. Médaillée au titre de