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DEADBIRD Artistic collaboration between Camille Judic and Fred Deb ' Born in this singular period that we are going through, during this second confinement (November 2020). This video is a reflection on our unmoving bodies. A shifted glance at our body state, saying oppression, talking about asphyxia, expressing pain

La Volière Inauguration, Friday November 13th 2020 During the Lock Down, we have to be inventive and creative. Relive our digital inauguration. Thank you to : the City Saint-Nazaire and CARENE : - David Samzun, Maire de Saint-Nazaire - Président de la CARENE - Sylvie Cauchie, Vice-Présidente de la CARENE - Michel Ray, Adjoint à la Culture - Jean-Jacques Lumeau, Vice-Président de la CARENE - Virginie Boutet