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Graduate from the Centre National des Arts du Cirque (CNAC) in 1992, Holder of the French State Diploma in circus teaching, in 2017 by VAE (validation of acquired experience).

Professional experience

An international career as an artist, choreographer, artistic coach, teacher, founded her company ``Drapés aériens``, in 2001.

Artistic approach

Fred creates a dance of life between heaven and earth... The body is envisioned as a mobile sculpture, a work of art in which the gesture must be precise and steady to reach a great level of finesse in the approach to movement and matter.


It was at university that Fred Deb’ found out about circus arts. There, a new horizon opened up for her: to become an artist! after obtaining a DEUG degree (Diplôme d’Etudes Universitaires Générales) and in order to achieve her dream, she joined the CNAC

(Centre National des Arts du Cirque) in Chalons en Champagne.

As a graduate from the 4th class of the CNAC in 1992, she is one of the pioneering artists of the French contemporary circus, specialized in the aerial field (rope, rotating hoop , silk, aerial fabric…)

The technique of aerial silk is based on the free rope technique, without quick links. These techniques emerged at the CNAC at the end of the 1990s. A small group of students including Fred Deb’, was working on these new disciplines. Fred thus contributed to their emergence and later to their evolution.

Passionate and inventive, Fred Deb’ develops a unique aerial choreography technique, encompassing all the disciplines she comes across: contemporary circus, dance, theatre, music…

In 2017, Fred Deb’ obtained a State Diploma as a circus teacher, by validation of gained experience.

Professional experience


he began her international career with the famous French company Les Arts Sauts, with whom she toured for several years.

Then, curious to rub shoulders with different art forms, she puts her personality and enthusiasm at the service of many shows that tour all around the world.

in contemporary dance : she collaborates with Ron Bunzl (American choreographer, visual artist and video artist) for two years in Amsterdam. In France, she works with choreographers Nathalie Publier and Frédéric Lescure;

in the theatre : she took part in the theatre and circus blending creations of Véronique Bellegarde in Paris, and Maaike van Langen, Dutch director in Amsterdam;

with music : she takes part in unique creations such as : Les sonates des Mystères du Rosaire in the church of Notre-Dame-des-Champs in Paris, Motets virtuoses et voltige aérienne at the Basilique Notre Dame de l’Épine, the closing event of the Colorado Music Festival (USA) conducted by Mickael Christie;

Fred is a guest artist at the closing show of the Davos World Economic Forum organized by France in 2008.

As an eclectic artist, she poses for the painters Nicolas Stedman and Philippe Deutsch during their research on the body in movement.

She founded the company “Drapés aériens” in 2001. The duo The Woman in the Moon, created in 2004 with Jacques Bertrand around the character in the hoop dress, establishes the company’s reputation and recognition at the international level. Since then, the company kept on touching a wide audience with its various creations, with Lines of self currently on tour. Throughout her career, Fred has also developed numerous artistic collaborations.

Concurrently, Fred Deb’ also invests her energy in the transmission of her passion by initiating and taking part in projects both nationally and internationally. Her teaching career is multifaceted and rich of a lifetime experience.

Drapés Aériens’ creations aim to invite the audience to set an offbeat and poetic gaze on the world. If they take a “spectacular form”, the different pieces do not seek to promote technical performance as such, but to reinvent it in order to put it at the service of an artistic proposal.

Fred Deb’ strives to open new paths, she is constantly looking for new perspectives to surprise and move her audience.

Her latest plays draw on various artistic disciplines to imagine a world with multiple emotional entry points. Body states are considered as a play material,  just as space, music, poetry, images, costumes or any other material that inhabits the stage.

Verticality is the backbone of the company’s work.

Verticality transcends us and confronts us with our reality by constantly reminding us of the laws of gravity, it connects us to the infinitely great in the sense that it places mankind in a state of complete solidarity with the universe. In order to reach verticality, our being must reach to its vital energy: the smallest movement requires an intention of resistance to gravity.

Dancing requires a fine perception of the body in its entirety, in a perpetual relationship with the laws of nature. It is a question of finding an area of freedom between the force of gushing and slackening.

Dancing for the company is about exploring in depth the qualities of entry into a gesture that is stripped of the superfluous. It is to find in movement, the path between interiority and the external world.

Artistic approach


ince the beginning of her career as a circus artist, Fred Deb’ has defined herself as an aerial choreographer.

For Fred Deb’, aerial dance is dancing and also offering oneself the richness of another spatiality, opening oneself to a different perception of human beings occupying space. It means developing a fluidity of movement by playing with all the technical constraints inherent to the discipline. It means entering the realm of the sensitive. It’s about sculpting the air.

Interested in the idea that clothing is an extension of the individual, a way of appearing to the world and expressing an identity, she explores materials, dresses the apparatus in her costumes.

Today, Fred Deb’ continues to develop her research. She questions herself and her environment.


Fred Deb’ devote himself very early to training, pedagogy is always at the heart of his reflections.