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Lignes de Soi

Aerial dance and contemporary circus duet, 30 minutes. Indoor or outside performance.

Note of intent:

« Lignes de Soi » arose following a commission from the Théâtre de Saint Nazaire. The play aims to take contemporary circus and aerial dance out of the notion of athletic performance and into the realm of expression and emotion.
The bodies, personalities, sensitivities, desires, possibilities, fragilities, limits of the artists are matters of creation.

The silk is considered as a full-fledged play partner. A symbolic “character”, it seperates or unites, hinders or draws a direction, protects or reveals, makes it possible to communicate or causes misunderstanding, creates distance or caresses the bodies and exudes a scent of sweetness…
The simple and yet radical proposal takes on a peculiar colour thanks to a choreography in search of pure gesture and the poetry arising from the two artists.

Read in the press:

"The evening ended in suspension, in the weightlessness of the production of Drapés aériens. Two young women delivered superb performances combining elegance, virtuosity and sensuality. The spectactors, many of whom were children, have not lost a bit of this moment out of time.

Michelle Cessou, Le Télégramme / 05/08/2019
Artists : Nina Migeon et Marine Briens : aerial dancers
Fred Deb, circus artist, aerial choreographer
Ti Yann Février
Stage manager
Jacques Bertrand

Contact diffusion :

Caroline Gaillard / +33 7 87 59 12 86

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